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Prevent Pest Disaster On Your Yacht With These Simple Tips

Having a yacht is cool, but keeping it clean it a complex and exhausting job that you have to do. Yes, you can always hire a company like the Best Miami Pest Control Service to help you with this and have a peaceful mind. However, if you want to do it on your own, there are several tips that you can use to make everything right and in order. In this article, we will present to you some of the tips that you could use to make your yacht safe from pests.

Store your food properly

Having a party on your yacht is a great thing, but you how hard is to clean everything once your guests leave? Still, the biggest problem is the improper storing of food, which you cannot allow happening. In case you do not pay attention, you could get an entire colony of pests in a matter of hours! First of all, make sure you store all your food in the sealed containers. If you have any leftovers that you do not want to save, throw them away in the sea. But if you plan to store some food, place it in the refrigerator or in the plastic containers that are smell-proof and air-tight. Also, if you have fruit juices, make sure to store these properly!

Store food properly

Keep your dining area clean

Another thing that is related to food is to keep your dining area clean and free from any food leftovers. Not only it looks awful but it attracts pests that can colonize your boat easily. Whenever you finish your eating, make sure not to leave any of the stains on the floor as this will attract the pests. Clean thoroughly and remove any of the remaining stains, oil grease or sweet flavors that are spilled on the floor, table or anywhere else. Anything that is left can potentially bring pests and ruin your boat!

Wash your boat inside and use insecticide

Yes, perform a thorough cleaning of your boat inside to prevent any spider web, worms or other insects to spread. Firstly, we recommend using strong chemical cleaning solutions to wipe your floors and other elements. Once you are done with it, mix at most two ounces of insecticide with water and spray all over the boat to prevent them from appearing and spreading. It is recommended to use a spraying bottle so you could spray evenly all over. This will keep your pests away! Just make sure not to spray in your face, as the insecticides are highly toxic and dangerous to humans!

Wash your boat inside

Call a professional pest cleaning agency

The last thing you can do, in case you do not want to clean by yourself or to lose time on this, is to call a professional boat cleaning company! They can clean your boat at a reasonable price and ensure that you do not have any of the insects or pests on your boat!

  • February 18, 2020